Rodent Control Singapore

Rodent Control Singapore

Rodent control Singapore is important to eradicate ruthless, nasty rats. They are contaminating food, spreading diseases and carrying secondary pests like mites and fleas in their filthy fur.

These creatures are persistent and won’t be shooed away that easily once they gained access to your home or building.

In a business premise, rats cause alarm because they can trigger loss of trust among customers especially if you’re in the food manufacturing business.

At home, rodents damage furniture and equipment including electrical appliances, computers, ducts, pipes, and wires, in addition to contaminating food.

In the garden, rats can pose health risks particularly among places where your pets and children play.

What are the signs of rats infestation? Do you have rats? You can identify them through the following signs –

  • Droppings: These are dark brown droppings that resemble a large rice grain. Rodents produce up to 40 droppings a night.
  • Bite Marks: These creatures need to gnaw on plastic and wood because they grow a set of teeth from time to time, too. Rats also leave visible teeth marks on food packaging that they tear open.
  • Rub marks: Rats can leave marks on surfaces as well as objects that their greasy bodies get in contact with.
  • Nests: Rats build their nests of shredded materials like fabrics in hidden places. They are located near food, under appliances or near the kitchen.
  • Tracks: You’ll notice tail marks and footprints in less-used spots and in dusty places of your home or building.

Where to check for rats inside and outside

Rodents are in attic and loft spaces where to find shredded loft insulation, rat droppings and chewed objects.

In addition, you can find them in laundries and kitchens as well as behind or under appliances like dishwashers, cookers, washing machines and so on.

You might also spot for them in any gap where cables or pipework enter your property from the outside.

Rodents are also in less used or unused spots, including suspended ceilings and crawlspaces where little rats can squeeze into easily.

Outside – You can find rodent infestation in many places like in the decking. Look for edges and find any damage in your decked areas for burrowing or gnawing signs.

Rats also like it in the garage! You can spot for signs, such as holes gnawed at door bottoms or around the internal door if you have an internal garage.

Do you have vegetation? You might notice signs like holes in shrub roots and tree roots or overgrown vegetation if you have rat infestation.

What to do with the rat infestation

You might have noticed some unfamiliar noise through the walls and roofs, unsightly urine stains and damaged food packaging.

Not only fire or damage to property but also safety and health risks can be caused by rodents.

Any of these and others can be signs of a pest infestation to which you should pay attention.

Knowing the signs of rodent infestation is essential and understanding the problem can help you find the right solution against it.

Should you do DIY or professional rodent control?

Buying and setting up poisons and baits is the most common route for DIY pest control.  However, it might be ineffective (or sometimes dangerous) if not done properly.

There is also a high tendency for trial and error for not knowing the proper approach based on the problem’s severity and infestation type.

But then, you might want to save yourself from the stress and wasting time on ineffective and non-targeted DIY solutions by hiring professional pest control instead.

The pros can identify the key infestation areas and execute the proper solution to get rid of the issue.

They can conduct a site survey, discuss the problem, and schedule an appointment if needed.  They can also give you a quote and recommendations suitable for your pest problem.

Once everything is agreed upon, the specialists will execute the plan and provide the treatment.

There can also be aftercare or follow-ups to ensure that the rodent problem is resolved.

For efficient and systematic rodent control Singapore, contact Simon Jr. Pest Control today!