Singapore Pest Control | Offices

Simon Jr is here to provide you a good working environment for your office. Having a clean and hygienic office is important not just for the company's image but also for staff's wellbeing.

Example of the most common area of pest would be the office pantries. With our expertise, you can look forward to a clean working environment for your staffs and colleagues.

Our Pest Services

Below are the common issues offices face:

Flying/Biting Insects

Click on the individual links above for the issues you are facing. Our dedicated service technicians are ready to serve you.

Our Methodology

Fundamental Risk Assessment is led to research the degree of pervasion before deciding the best game-plan to take.

Simon Jr. Technician will lead a booked spot-check to guarantee invasion repeat does not happens.

Ordinary Maintenance might be completed to keep up the bug free standard at customer's reason.

Need help with your pest issues? Get in touch with us at +65 6881 8845 or drop us an email at We will hit you up inside 1 working day.