Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are considered as basic family unit bugs, and can be effectively found in inns, workplaces, cafes, pastry kitchens and numerous different spots. They feed on a wide assortment of groceries as they move unreservedly from garbage, receptacles, channels, sewers to structures and human residences.

What S​hould You know

  • They are mechanical vectors of various sustenance borne ailments.
  • The 2 normal species in Singapore are:
  • American Cockroach – (Periplaneta americana)
  • German Cockroach – (Blatella germanica)
  • They convey alongside them malady creatures and sully sustenance implied for human utilization.

At Simon Jr, we utilize a 3-advance strategy to break the cockroach reproducing cycle. The end of grown-up cockroach lessens the opportunity for eggs to be lay.

Risk Assessment
Fundamental site review to assess the invasion level at your premises.

Scheduled Spot-Check
Our Simon Jr. Technicians will direct booked spot-beware of any repeat of cockroach pervasions

Regular Maintenance
Remaining showering or potentially gel teasing might be sent at whatever point proper.

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