Landed Properties

Singapore Pest Control | Landed Properties

Landed property owners have chosen Simon Jr as their one stop pest advisor and maintenance program for their homes.
We have built a reputation as a trust worthy service provider that aims to give owners a peace of mind.

Our Pest Services

We have experience handling issues on landed properties such as insect bites, mosquitoes, garden pest and anti-termite proofing. These pests are the number 1 problems owners faced. Our methodology not only keep these pests away but we provide maintenance program for a more sustainable and stress-free living for owners.

Our Methodology

Fundamental Risk Assessment is led to research the degree of pervasion before deciding the best game-plan to take.

Simon Jr Technician will lead a booked spot-check to guarantee invasion repeat does not happens.

Ordinary Maintenance might be completed to keep up the bug free standard at customer's reason.