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Simon Jr is the perfect partner for any condo MCST management. With our wealth of experience of over 10 years, we have the technical expertise in managing condos in Singapore. Having a reliable pest management company is crucial to avoid penalties from the authorities such as NEA fines.

Our service commitment is to have a long-term partnership with condo MCST and to assist in residents' complaints should any arise.

Our Pest Services

We assist in providing solutions to the following issues:

Bin Chutes Cockroach Control

Click on the individual links above for the issues you are facing. Our dedicated service technicians are ready to serve you.

Our Methodology

Fundamental Risk Assessment is led to research the degree of pervasion before deciding the best game-plan to take.

Simon Jr Technician will lead a booked spot-check to guarantee invasion repeat does not happens.

Ordinary Maintenance might be completed to keep up the bug free standard at customer's reason.