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SIMON Jr Pte Ltd is a homegrown business located in Singapore. If you are looking for a professional and experienced Singapore Pest Control company then you are at the right place. Our group of experienced and devoted experts are NEA certified and trained to provide solutions be it at home or in a corporate settings.

We are focused on conveying more than what is required and consumer loyalty is of central significance to us. Utilising on our ability and to fill in as a believed consultant to our esteemed clients is our responsibility.

Why it’s important to get White ants pest control in your house?

It’s a common day problem but it needs to tackle as soon as possible. Queen Termites can lay up to 30,000 eggs per day. There can be as many as 1,000,000 Subterranean Termites per colony. White ants often called as termites are the common day problem of every house and we assure the best and effective white Ant treatment.

How to trace termites at your Home:

Besides, termites never roam about in open areas like ants and other insects; they always make mud tubes as they forage for food so if you see any such like muddy craps so give us a call.

This is a common problem to every house but with SIMON Jr's pest control services for termites in Singapore, you no longer have to worry because you have met the right team to assist with all your pest problems. Besides Termites control, we also deal with all sorts of pests problems.

  • White Ants /Termites
  • Cockroaches
  • Rodents
  • Mosquitoes
  • Disinfection
  • Bedbugs
  • Bees
  • Ants
  • Flies
  • Fleas & Ticks

How to deal with white ants pest control?

Our trained and professional experts will get a complete survey of your house and assure you the best white ants pest control service. Never take this problem light, and treat it as soon as possible to prevent any further damages.

Fed Up by Pests? Let’s get rid of these!

SIMON Jr Pte Ltd is one of the best and well known pest control services for termites in Singapore. We have experienced and certified experts to give you the best solution.

Working for many years with effective and reliable services, we always give top priority to the customer’s problems.

Before the threat of infestation takes over it’s important to treat these white ants to prevent further damages!

Main targeted areas of White Ant treatment include:

  • Wooden furniture
  • Wall cupboards
  • Wooden floor
  • Panelling
  • Wooden roof

Why Choose Us?

We aim to provide our entire customer a friendly, safe and hygienic environment. Our experts are trained to provide you the best possible solution of your problem.

You will always get the best options of your choice at SIMON Jr Pte Ltd, the best pest control services for termites in Singapore.

Making right decision at right time can save you from many problems.

We Assure

  • Effective Planning
  • Well advanced techniques and equipment
  • Well trained and certified experts
  • Detailed Survey
  • Guaranteed Solution within your budget

Our service, guaranteed solution!

Give Us A Call and Get rid of Termites!

Our Pest Services

Simon Jr's technicians are stationed nationwide and we are always prepared to assist you with your daily pest administrations. We are familiar with the various types of vector control from termite killing to all the other types of incessant creepy crawler and even birds, rodents and mosquitoes. Our experienced team is well equipped to resolve all your vermin control requirements. 

Our Methodology

Fundamental Risk Assessment is led to research the degree of pervasion before deciding the best game-plan to take.

Simon Technician will lead a booked spot-check to guarantee invasion repeat does not happens.

Ordinary Maintenance might be completed to keep up the bug free standard at customer's reason.