Termite Control

Step-1 Inspection

Examination is one of the most significant strides preceding any treatment did against termites. At Simon Jr's, we uses Termatrac T3i device to direct a starter review of your premises. It distinguishes, affirms and tracks the nearness of termites, enabling our Simon Jr Technicians to decide the following best game-plan to execute.

Step-2 Analyse & Advice

Contingent upon the expand and the seriousness of the pervasion, our pro from Simon Jr Pest Management will almost certainly exhort you the most appropriate techniques to browse so as to accomplish the best outcomes.
We offer different sort of Termite Treatments to Commercial, Industrial and Residential that will enough cover every one of your necessities.

Termite Proofing – Pre Construction Soil Treatment

The principle target of this treatment is to make a hindrance legitimately underneath a structure or house where it sits before its being manufactured. Click here for more information.

Termite Proofing – Post Construction Soil Treatment (also known as Corrective Treatment)

This treatment is intended to further secure structures that has been raised and pre treated for over 5 years back. Click here for more information.

Termite Baiting System

The termites province is wiped out by the utilization of condition benevolent bedeviling framework. Click here for more information.

Timber Treatment
The timber is blessed to receive ensure against harms brought about by termite assaults.

Spot Treatment
A concealment strategy which uses termiticide residue or powder.

Simon Jr Termite Solution

At Simon Jr, we just convey items that have demonstrated to treat Termite Issues adequately. Be guaranteed that when you select Simon Pest Management as your Pest Control Service Provider, we plan to give you the best understanding – ensured.

Possible Termite Infestation Areas

Termites are useful in the nature as they can help break down rotting wood and accelerate its decomposition progress. However in homes, these wood-destroying vermins are causing extensive damages. They are also known as the "silent destroyers" as they rarely leave sign of activities while they began consuming the wood in your floors, ceilings and walls. Click on the images below and learn how to conduct self-home inspection to prevent or detect termite infestation before incurring costly repair fees.

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Contact us today to learn how we can deploy our solution at your premises. Simon Jr. Technicians are NEA trained, and know exactly where to look out for harborage areas and the infestation tell tale signs.