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Termite Control – Pre Construction Soil Treatment

What S​hould You know

Soil Treatment done during the pre-development phase of any structure is truly outstanding and best approaches to ensure it against termites.

Actually, this is additionally the best time to complete the termite sealing fills in as a progressively exhaustive activity should be possible. The compacted soil is soaked with termiticide arrangement at 5 liters for each meter square. Every single treated zone are secured a with a layer of plastic sheets following treatment to counteract draining by downpour and furthermore degration by the sun.

Treatment is additionally important to be done along cover territory encompassing the structure. It is ordinarily done on independent visits and during the last phases of the development works. Cementing works are likewise prescribed to be done following the finishing of the treatment.

Always engage NEA Licensed Pest Control directly for such works to achieve optimum and long lasting results against termite attacks .

Only Termite Specialist in this industry knows what works best for your property.

Simon Jr Pre Construction Soil Treatment

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