Bedbugs Control

What Should You know

Bedbugs are nighttime creepy crawlies that feed on human blood and are ordinarily moved into the house when utilized furnishings, sleeping cushions, gear or sacks invaded with kissing bugs are being acquired. They are progressively dynamic during the evening and will discover the host by distinguishing their body warmth and carbon dioxide they emanate.
Signs of Infestation
  • Awakening as often as possible inclination the tingle on the body brought about by the blood sucker nibbles
  • Fecal imprints found along the creases of the sleeping cushion
  • Blood stains found on the bedsheets

What Should You know

At Simon Jr, we utilize a 2-advance technique to break the blood suckers reproducing cycle. We use spot flushing utilizing overly warmed dry steam at 180 degree celsius (naturally inviting with no substance usage) as well as lingering splashing, contingent upon the degree of invasion. Breaking their life cycle with right treatment interim and recurrence will kill them unequivocally.

Risk Assessment
Fundamental site assessment to assess the pervasion level at your premises before prompting on the treatment procedure.

Scheduled Spot-Check
Our Simon jr Technicians will conduct scheduled spot-check on any recurrence of bed bugs infestations

  • 100% Effective, Pesticide Free and Safe
  • No danger to babies, small kids or the older

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Contact us today to figure out how we can convey our Bed Bugs Control Solution at your premises. Simon Jr Technicians are NEA prepared, and know precisely where to pay special mind to bedbugs' harborage territories and the pervasion indications.