Ant Control

What S​hould You know

Ants are social creepy crawlies and structure settlements. They scrounge for sustenance and can leave pheromones for different ants to pursue.

Along these lines, they can be found in a wide range of spots, including trash regions or spots where nourishment leftovers are found. A few ants dispense chomps and stings yet most basic ones are only an aggravation.

Signs of Infestation
  • Visit sightings of ants scavenging for nourishment in the kitchen.
  • Sightings of ants shaping trails starting with one area then onto the next.

Simon Jr. Ant Control Solution

At Simon Jr, we utilize a 2-advance technique to break the ants reproducing cycle. We use splashing, bedeviling gel and cleaning, contingent upon the degree of pervasion. Breaking their life cycle with right treatment interim and recurrence will annihilate them from your premises.

Risk Assessment
Starter site investigation to assess the invasion level at your premises before prompting on the treatment procedure.

Scheduled Spot-Check
Our Simon Technicians will direct booked spot-keep an eye on any repeat of ants pervasion

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Contact us today to figure out how we can send our Ants Control Solution at your premises. Simon Jr Technicians are NEA prepared, and know precisely where to pay special mind to ants' harborage zones and the invasion indications.