Coronavirus – Aerial and Surface Disinfection

Is Novel Coronavirus Now Airborne?

The 2019 novel coronavirus (nCoV) is a new strain of coronavirus that was first reported in the city of Wuhan in Hubei, China late last year. Its symptoms include fever, cough, difficulty breathing, and mild to severe respiratory illness. The virus has an incubation period― the time it takes for an infected individual to develop symptoms― of up to 14 days. The affected individuals can transmit the virus during the said period.

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The outbreak sent shock waves all over the world. The most recent report by the World Health Organization (WHO) states that there are currently more than 40,000 confirmed cases in 25 countries, with more than 900 deaths.

Since the first case of the deadly virus was reported, scientists all over the world have been carefully studying it to find ways on how to prevent it. Since December of last year, researchers have been claiming that the virus can spread through direct transmission and contact transmission.

Direct transmission is a result of inhaling air close to an infected person who coughs and sneezes. On the other hand, contact transmission is a result of touching an object with droplets containing the virus, then touching the eyes, nose, or mouth.

Thus, the public is urged to raise their awareness in controlling and preventing the spread of the virus. Prevailing prevention measures include the wearing of surgical masks, talking to others with a minimum distance of one meter, regular washing of hands & use of rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer, and eating nutritious food & getting adequate sleep to boost one’s immune system.

People are also encouraged to avoid crowded places or joining gatherings. However, this cannot be avoided especially if one lives in a house with many family members or goes to work at a building with many employees.

Here’s How to Prevent It

With no vaccine available, disinfection is of the utmost importance.

One of the preventive measures is Aerial Disinfection, which is usually done to disinfect areas that are hard to reach. This reduces the spread of pathogens and other microorganisms through the air and surface.

Why is Disinfection Indoors necessary?
It is to destroy and control organisms, bacteria, and viruses that can be introduced into houses, offices, factories, dormitories, buildings, vessels and different modes of transportation.

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Where should Disinfection be carried out?
– All Surfaces
– Floors, walls
– Equipment
– Interior of public transports
– Areas hard to reach
– Aerial/ Dust particles in the air

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How is it done?
Aerial & Surface disinfection can be carried out by different types of disinfectant delivery methods such as manual cleaning, spraying or misting which gives you better coverage and etc. Choosing the best method depends on the size of the residence or commercial building. Since Aerial Disinfection is a precise process, only companies that specialize in it can perform the procedure.

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So if you want your house to be extra safe from the virus, hiring Aerial Disinfection companies is ideal. The same thing applies if you are a business owner who wants to keep your building free from viruses and bacteria.

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