Mosquito Treatments in Singapore

Mosquito Treatments in Singapore

Mosquitoes are small but nasty creatures.  Just a bite of an Aedes female mosquito, and you or your loved one can be a subject for diagnosis of a dengue fever. In Singapore, dengue cases are increasing. In fact, they are five times higher now than in 2017-2018 combined.

As of July, there were 182 active clusters recorded and about 60 percent of mosquito habits are residential properties.  Don’t be a part of the statistics! Get mosquito treatments in Singapore.

What are the signs and symptoms of mosquito infestation in your home?

These insects can make a buzzing and annoying high-pitched sound. You’ve probably encountered that ringing in your ear at certain points in your life when a mozzie is around.

In addition, you can check for mosquito bites in your skin. The inflamed bites are signs of a mosquito bite.  Also, another sign of infestation include these insects lingering in shady and dim areas in and around your home or business premises.

You’ll also find their larvae in uncovered or stagnant water in flowerpots, old tires and drums of water.

These are only some signs to check in order to find out mosquito infestation, but there can be more you’d notice especially if your home has water damage.

Why protect yourself from their bites?

There is not much explanation here. It’s quite simple to understand that you’ll reduce your chances of getting dengue and other mosquito-carried diseases, such as Japanese Encephalitis and malaria, by protecting yourself from mozzie bites.

Tips –

  • Remove stagnant water in water pails and plant pots to reduce breeding risks.
  • Change water in the vases, adopt proper housekeeping habits, and set up mosquito traps.
  • Install window screens to prevent the insects from entering your indoor premises.
  • Hold a regular inspect for breeding places and inspect roof gutters. You can also put up an outdoor trap in a large catch area.
  • Do a water-based fogging.

How the pros in mosquito treatments in Singapore can help

Identifying this pest’s presence in and around your residential or commercial property includes finding their breeding and hiding places using a customized and targeted plan. It involves pest control methods like fogging and spraying in order to reduce the number of insects in the place.

In some cases,   pest controllers also do larviciding or a larvicide treatment in the area but only after a complete inspection for any breeding place. This treatment aims at controlling the larvae’s development.  With it, infestation can be reduced because it also targets hotspots.

Thermal fogging is another method used by the pros to eliminate mosquitoes.  Fogging takes place at the right timing when the insects are active and targets the adult mosquitoes during the treatment time within the area.

To prevent or control mosquitoes,   you can trust the pros that can use advanced and safe solutions that you can rely on.    They can perform a site survey or inspection, discuss a plan with you, and execute the correct approach to solve the problem.

Control and eradication methods also include misting and other non-toxic, eco-friendly and effective approaches. The experts use National Environment Agency (NEA) registered and approved pest control treatments.

The pros can protect you against diseases because they can recommend the best way to eradicate them completely.

These services for mosquito treatments also have certified and trained mosquito removal specialists with decades of combined experience.

Pest control teams can provide an effective, reliable and long-lasting extermination performed by specialists who can make a thorough diagnosis and come up with a customized treatment plan against mosquitoes like Anopheles, Culex and Aedes.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the professionals for efficient and effective mosquito removal.   Contact Simon Jr. Pest Control for mosquito treatments in Singapore today!