Pest Control For Landed Properties In Singapore

Pest Control For Landed Properties In Singapore

Everything could have been perfect. You have this landed property with a garden and a 2-storey home built on a fertile land.  It’s almost this best feeling in the world that you don’t need to deal with neighbours or other tenants within the same building floor except for one thing – pests!  So if you’re looking for pest control for landed properties in Singapore at this moment, you’re on the right track.   With professional pest control, you can have peace of mind that you’d finally put a stop to this long-standing issue.

There will be no more rodents contaminating food, roaches in your closet, termites on wood and mosquitoes in the bedroom.  Finally, there will be no more flower-and plant-eating creatures in the garden.

But of course, it is not to say that pest control is a one-time solution because it is a part of a landed property’s maintenance plan just like heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Pest control is just like maintaining your roof or cleaning rugs, too.

But with help from a pro pest control, you’ll be able to discuss a suitable plan that works for you.

Controlling pests, you can eliminate these nasty creatures in your compound and home. Now, you can finally sleep like a baby not worrying about important business documents destroyed by roaches overnight, for instance.

So if you notice any signs of pest infestation by mosquitoes, garden pests and termites, consult the help of pest control for landed properties. They’re licensed by the authorities and seasoned to become one of the best teams in the business.

How Does A Good Pest Control For Landed Properties In Singapore Work?

They’ll make an inspection and find the source of the pest problem. For example, they’ll check gutters, pots and drains for mosquito breeding places, or find the pests like snakes and bugs that invade your lovely garden.

If termites are the problem,   the team will assess the infestation’s severity and destroy the colonies.  For the affected wooden items such as tables, chairs and furniture, they’ll be treated to prevent the problem from spreading.

After inspection, they’ll devise a plan and discuss it with you. They’ll talk about their approach, equipment to use, pest killers to apply, timing and other details about the eradication.  If you agreed and everything’s set, they’ll perform the pest control for you.

Maintenance And Follow-Up

Once pest control has been implemented, you can breathe in fresh air, say goodbye to sleepless nights, and have peace of mind. It’s great to know cockroaches, flies, rats, snakes and other pests are no longer invading your compound.

However, it’s not the end. If you don’t keep your home tidy, gutters and air ducts inspected, or garden maintained, all that you have started to keep pests at bay may not last long.

To keep pests away from your landed property, you need to take preventive measures like keeping good hygiene, doing home sanitation and performing regular inspections.

It is not much to explain, but you should go back to the basics in home and garden maintenance.

  1. Check for and remove mosquitoes breeding places like unused pots, old tires and gutters.
  2. Cut and clear away bushes and thick leaves that might be home to snakes and other garden pests like bees.
  3. Clean under the sink, ventilation, ducts and crevices to prevent rodent invasion.
  4. Practice good housekeeping.
  5. Do not left food outside without covering it to prevent flies.
  6. Throw trash properly.
  7. Talk about pest control and maintenance with a seasoned Singapore company.

Definitely, you can stop pest from invading your landed property and home provided you perform preventive measures and practice good garden maintenance and housekeeping.  But for the best results, you can always get in touch with the pros at Simon Jr. Pest Control Company.

Contact pest control for landed properties in Singapore today!